Give well-being – to your face, hands and feet

Relaxation, well-being and a change to your everyday routine. Give a treatment that looks after the face, hands and feet. In addition to beautiful skin, you’ll receive 150 minutes of relaxation and resting in peace and quiet.

Valid 12 months

Additional information

With the beauty package treatments, you find relaxation, well-being and a change from everyday life.

With a 150 minute beauty treatment, we offer a deeply moisturising facial treatment with a skin massage. The treatment begins with facial cleansing, followed by toning and exfoliating. Then a massage, deep moisturising mask and cream. In addition to attending to facial skin, we also take care of the client’s feet and hands – we start with exfoliation and a mask, followed by a massage and cream, and nail polish if desired.

Important! The purchase price is not shown on the gift card.

Aqua Spa Beauty and Wellness Centre is located at Sadama 11A, Tallinn, Estonia.
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