Restaurant NOK NOK brings the sunny Kingdom of Thailand to the Old Town of Tallinn. Give the NOK NOK gift card to your friend or loved one. Chef Khampan Pukdangpan and his team will take the owner of the gift card on a tasting trip to Thailand without leaving Estonia. The dishes are prepared just as spicy or mild as the client wants. Restaurant NOK NOK is on The White Guide’s list of the best restaurants in the Nordic countries and is a winner of the prestigious Tallinn Cocktail Week.

Valid 12 months

Additional information

The restaurant is located in Tallinn, at Vana-Posti 7. More information at You can pay for food and drinks with the gift card. When paying with a gift card, the conditions indicated on the gift card apply.

Club One bonus points are not accrued from purchases made in the Tallink Hotels e-shop.